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Perfect for Cars and Trucks, Boats, RV’s, ATV’s and more!

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Hollywood’s Diamond Clear is a state-of-the-art product recommended by professionals. Eliminates smokers residue. Safe for tinted windows or glass.  An ammonia free product designed to clean glass, mirrors, tinted windows and more without leaving streaks or film. Leaves glass, chrome, stainless steel, and more with that diamond like sparkle!!!


Hollywood’s Hot Lava Premium wash and wax is a thick, extremely concentrated, pH balanced, premium exterior shampoo. Nourishes and enhances paints and plastics. Safe to use in direct sunlight. Fortified with wax to improve shine and drying time. Only need 1 ounce for 5 gallon bucket wash. When it comes to quality and longevity…Hot Lava Premium Wash & Wax burns through the competition!


Hollywood’s Malibu Magic is a water-based interior and exterior dressing for vinyl or leather interiors. Cleans and conditions in one. Safe on rubber hoses, door moldings, engines, wraps, tires, seats and more. Anti-dust non-greasy residue formula produces a natural clean sheen that brings back the “like new” look. Great for boats with UV protection. Alcohol free, so as not to dry and crack materials or stitching. Sit back and enjoy the fresh tropical scent of Malibu Magic. Pina Colada scented!


Hollywood’s Cherry Bomb is a quick easy formula that delivers a long lasting high class high shine finish. Fortified with carnauba wax to shine and protect. Maintain sparkling finishes on vehicles, motorcycles, hot rods and more. Safe on all paint finishes and chrome.  Use between washing to clean and add gloss, to remove and protect from dust. Blows away smudges, fingerprints and buffing residue. Cherry scented!


Hollywood’s Showshine is a one step, state of the art, hand polish designed to easily maintain, polish and protect hard metals. Showshine’s easy on/off formula will protect polished surfaces for up to 50% longer when used as directed. You can use it by hand or with a buffing wheel. Great for chrome, aluminum, stainless, silver, brass and more. It easily removes tough stains, water spots, oxidation, rust and paint over spray. Try Hollywood’s Metal Polish on your car, truck, motorcycle, boat, 4wheeler or anything you want to have that beautiful show room shine!


Hollywood’s Cosmic Clean Carpet & Fabric Upholstery Cleaner: is a heavy duty formula that makes carpets and fabric upholstery look like new. Full strength for stubborn applications. Non soap based so as to make clean up and drying quicker. The best and easiest to use carpet, upholstery and fabric cleaner in the universe. Blast out the toughest soils and stains!


Hollywood’s Cobra Gold Superior Tire Shine & Protection: Shows no mercy when it comes to eliminating contaminants and protecting your tires! It’s a superior solvent based tire dressing. Diligently selected silicones produces outstanding gloss on tires, is weather resistant, and lasts longer. Use on rubber and plastic. Hollywood’s Cobra Gold strikes the best shine and the hardest protection over all its competitors!


Keep your car ,truck, motorcycle, boat, ATV or RV looking fresh off the showroom floor. Easy wipe on and walk away formula. Hydrates and moisturizes with UV protection. Prevents surface aging, cracking and provides trim and plastics with a protective coating that repels rain, salt and dirt. A little goes a long way so conveniently comes in a an 8oz bottle. Hollywood‘s Reincarnation is undeniably the best way to bring your trim and plastics back to life! 


Get our complete product bundle. This package includes one of each of Hollywood’s products. Save big and be prepared to keep your vehicles top notch!

Includes: Cobra Gold, Malibu Magic, Showshine, Cherry Bomb, Hot Lava, Cosmic Clean, Reincarnation, and Diamond Clear.

You’ve Tried The Rest… Now Use The Best!

Perfect for Cars and Trucks, Boats, RV’s, ATV’s and more!