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Note: Cherry Bomb Detail Spray and Diamond Clear Enhanced Glass Cleaner coming soon!


“Had my first experience this weekend using the Malibu Magic detailing our trucks. Not only is the product amazing, it definitely inspires me to keep my rig clean so I can smell that delicious scent of Pina Colada!” Miranda of Kalama, Washington.

“The Malibu Magic is awesome! I used to use Armor All on all my cars interior, but after trying Hollywood’s Malibu Magic I’ll never use anything else! Cleans and shines great with no greasy mess…and it smells great! I bought some of the metal polish as well and allowed my neighbor to try it on his trailer for his quads and he loved it. He asked me for the website and ordered some for himself.” Danny of Vancouver, Washington.

“We just got 2003 Road King and we have been using Showshine like crazy to pretty up the bike. Your product is amazing!” Sarah of Pollock Pines, California.

“We have tried multiple cleaners and polishers on our BBQ over the years, some would be okay for removing grease, and some good for getting a good shine, but could never find a product that would do both, that is until we used the Showshine Metal Polish. Not only cleaned the grease, but left a great shine as well. By far the best product we have ever used. I would recommend it to anybody.” Cathy and Jim of Ridgefield, Washington.

“I can’t get enough of the Malibu Magic!!! This stuff is legit! Not only does it clean your interior but you have no streaks and it smells like you’re on a beach somewhere sipping on pina colda’s! In the past I’ve used other products that leave residue or streaky spots, and they stink! I’m so pleased with this product! A clean interior and amazing smell. It truly is MAGIC!!!”. Cari of Kalama, Washington.
“My rims look like they are new! I would recommend this product to everyone!! It’s so  easy to use and doesn’t require a lot of scrubbing, like other products that I have used in the past. I’m extremely satisfied with this product!! They weren’t kidding when they cautioned spectators may need sunglasses… 😃my rims are so shiny!” Carl of Kelso, Washington.
“I used the Malibu Magic cleaner for the inside of my car and it was fabulous! Best part is when I had the windows down and it was 85 degrees the leather in my car was heated by the sun and you could actually smell the tropical smell coming through the seats. I’ve never had a product do that or smell so good. Love it!.Also made my seats look better than when it was detailed at the dealership when i picked up my new car.” Jamie of Castle Rock, Washington.